aTypeTrainer4Mac 2.1.4

Simple multilingual typing tutor


  • Simple type and learn principle
  • Supports many languages and keyboard layouts


  • No special challenges or games
  • A bit dull compared to other typing tutors


If you're looking for a typing tutor for Mac that supports your language then chances are that aTypeTrainer4Mac is for you.

aTypeTrainer4Mac is a multilingual typing tutor designed specifically for Mac OS X. It features a huge range of keyboard layouts as well as even more obscure non-system keyboard layouts such as Dvorak, Colemak or custom layouts being built using Ukelele. aTypeTrainer4Mac will automatically detect your keyboard language or layout type although if you've got several installed in your Mac system preferences, you can switch between them within the program itself.

aTypeTrainer4Mac follows a simple format. All you have to do is type a mixed-string of random characters. There's nothing fun or imaginative about this - it's simply designed to drill into you the position of keys on the keyboard. As a result, it is rather boring but quite effective at getting you to remember where keys are. You have a metronome ticking away as you type although there doesn't seem to be any incentive other than to get to the end of the text.

If this is simply too boring to bear, you can customize your own character set or import text from the page your web browser is currently on as long as you are using Firefox, SeaMonkey or Opera. Alternatively, you can also import your own text document. There are 30 levels to choose from. You can test your ability to type either by Accuracy, Quantity or Quality.

aTypeTrainer4Mac isn't exactly the most sophisticated typing tutor out there but it should improve your typing skills if you persevere.

Web browser support is reduced to Safari


  • Web browser support is reduced to Safari


aTypeTrainer4Mac 2.1.4

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